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    New Healthy Way of Life: en route toward complete, global and connected health


    Health today is at the heart of every area of consumption. More than ever, it is a subject that worries consumers as well as a central concern of brand and company development (incorporation of new regulations and business opportunities). It appeals to investors, who would rather wager on bio-tech companies and e-health than on energy. […]

    Our very best wishes for the year 2013 around a silk-screened totem by the artist Romain Rivière


    Perspectives Lab wishes you a wonderful and very happy year 2013 for you and your loved ones! To celebrate this New Year, two totems were created by the artist Romain Rivière and the silk-screen artist Antoine Gaslais. Why place this year under the sign of a facetted totem with solid surfaces, lines, checkerboards and pink, […]

    Perspectives-Lab’s 10 optimistic predictions for 2013


    On this day, December 21, 2012, Perspectives-Lab is proposing 10 optimistic predictions to better envisage the future. We wish you a very happy holiday. Enjoy your reading. 1 – Conscientious Mankind: A new responsibility or a social organization? After theparoxysm of individualism, a leap of belonging to a broad human community is emergingfor some people. […]

    Generation X: a generation of diploma-holders opens stalls


    For the last few months, restaurants and small ethnic eateries and groceries have been growing like weeds inFrench cities. The owners and managers of these micro-businesses are more or less the same age, have the same look, the same state of mind, the same background, even the same prestigious diplomas – over 20% of 30-39 year-olds have […]

    Eternal youth: a dream of the all-powerful revived by plant stem cells?


    Women still haven’t run out of paradoxes, notably as to fulfilling their dream of eternal beauty. If they areincreasingly mobilizing to respect, protect, even repair the planet, it is out of the question for women to let naturedominate. They dream, on the contrary, of defying it, in the same way as time and aging, going […]

    Jean-Pierre Corbeau: The meal, a wonderful strategy to invent tomorrow’s sociability

    Video Perspectives-Lab

    The French are returning to the symbolic social power of food, a synonym of encounters, love and transmission.They once again are getting together around the table and reinventing the codes of meal-time companionship,blending conviviality and individual desires. Meals taken with the family or friends, spontaneous or planned, arereturning to the heart of French people’s social […]

    Upper personalization


    The consecration of identity? The reappropriation of terrestrial realities? The “homo marketicus” assupreme being?When the IP address tends to supplant the mailing address from the civic and administration viewpoint,some people want to assert their identity in a much more concrete way by putting their initials on theirchosen objects. This identity signature gives these objects back […]

    The festive events of summer 2011: from Obélix to Woodstock


    To fight against general anxiety and worrying tomorrows, some people took their inspiration this summerfrom large-scale mythic festive events.